Chengdu advantages professional health school runningWhy did you choose professional health school in chengdu

  • A、“Four unity”Education mode
    Brand new“Skill education+Degree in education+The quality education+International certification”Mode,To market demand as the goal,Culture of China's most is suitable for the students employment and entrepreneurship。
  • 2、Accurate militarized management
    Schools are half militarization management,To the student is a student in class、At ordinary times like a soldier、Operating as a technician training goal。
  • 3、The new type of career management
    The management office of the vocational school,For employment/Internship students:Professional help、Career advancement and career planning,Professional development and career management student for the rest of my life。
  • Four、Build the diploma leaping through train
    Schools and the national famous university:Sichuan university、Southwest university of science and technology、Sichuan normal university and other universities,For the students in our school won college smoothly、Undergraduate course diploma provides a good condition。


Campus landscape ELEGANT20Senior year old school Chengdu good schools The environment is exquisite、The equipment is advanced、Strict management、Employment is security

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